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Company History

Four young fashion and streetwear culture passionate and lovers were travelling together when they came out with the idea, asking themselves "Why don't we bring in street art and fashion from places like Japan, Hong Kong, Taipei and Los Angeles, where they are well known for their fashion senses, back to our land, our hometown in Johor Bahru?" From there, they emerged visioning to bring in the sense of street art and culture into the city, introducing to their people and believe that they could change the view of fashion and lifestyle to everyone in the city despite knowing that the market may not be ready to accept this new and unexplored culture.

Mission & Vision

Headmost principle is to offer authentic, hype and finest products and merchandises of inspired designer brands from all over the world to this city even crossing the border to Singapore. In order to ensure their products are original and best in quality, they recruited international buyers and quality assurers to do the job for them. The company is still young and is still looking forward to conduct and cooperate with more international brands, bringing in their products to Headmost outlets.

“We are ready to open accounts and sign as stockiest from a few master distributors of big name in Malaysia such as Adidas Original and Nike,” they said. They are visioning to go International, starting off with their first stop in Johor Bahru and the next outlet in Jakarta, Indonesia, targeting at the end of year 2013.

Meanwhile, Headmost is continuously seeking for potential manufacturers to create their own brand merchandises and footwear in the same year mentioned. With the help of their Fashion Design and Marketing Director, graduated from Raffles Lasalle Institute and the strong connection of their boards with some huge manufacturers in China, they strongly believe that they’re able to satisfy the future demand fashion industry.

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